Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy and Baby

Recently, in my free time (this amounts to when I'm sitting on my butt waiting for Nathan to fall deep enough asleep for me to set him down) I have been looking up other mommy blogs on my phone. Reading through others' experiences, especially those who've gone through similar struggles as myself, has inspired me somewhat.

Of course I know that it gets easier, and then more challenging, and then easier, and that this rollercoaster will dip and dive for a great number of years before plateauing into parent retirement (yep, just made that up). Right now my baby's new sleep pattern of waking 6+ times each night is really grating on my patience.

Unfortunately, my husband tends to receive the butt end of my impatience. I know he's a fantastic father and a wonderful husband. Despite this I cannot seem to stop micromanaging him when he's taking care of our baby. He knows what to do, but what really drives me crazy is that he doesn't do it my way. Of course this doesn't mean he's doing it wrong. As the main caretaker of Nathan, I'm the one who's spent the most time with him. I've figured out little shortcuts and tricks that seem to work really well for him. I am trying to simply share my knowledge with him, but it doesn't help.

I tend to nag and remind him "do it this way, no don't do that," blah blah blah. Something about hearing my baby cry just tears at my heartstrings and turns off my censor. The original intention is to make it easier on my husband. It really does not help though. He can do things his own way, I know he won't mess up our kid. He loves Nathan just as much as I do. Though if he asks, I'll be more than willing to help.

Meanwhile, I may have to leave when he takes over to avoid hearing the extra little cries while he works out his own way into fatherhood.

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