Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding time for me

The one thing that I haven't really considered in quite some time is actually going off and spending some quality time with myself.

Since I found out I was pregnant I was excited for the bundle of joy I would soon hold in my arms. Once he arrived all I could think about was him. His cute little yawns and hands. Whether he was doing something abnormal or if it was just one of those things babies go through. When he was awake I was trying to interact with him, cuddle with him, feed him, comfort him. When he was asleep I would research different things he had done, or what to expect at certain ages, or random parenting articles. The only time to myself I ever took was at night when I got some sleep.

Now, he is almost 20 weeks old, and I realized the reason I am always stressed out over the tiniest of things is because I don't take any time to myself. Not really, anyway. If he's taking a nap I might check my email or something. If my husband is taking care of him on a certain day, I typically will stay home with them and still feed him throughout the day and night. I exclusively breastfeed, so it's either I stay home or I have to bring a pump with me.

What I really need to prioritize, is to take some time off somewhere else and be by myself.

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