Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kai and Kabuki with Nathan

While still pregnant, I worried my baby would arrive and end up being allergic to cats. That would figure, since I have absolutely loved cats my entire life. Luckily, that was not the case!

I have two of the sweetest cats. My husband's cat Kai is the ultimate lap kitty. He will jump into your lap and headbutt your chin until you pay attention to him. And even after that, usually. Kai will purr if you even so much as look at him. He is also a big chicken, and jumps at nothing at all. Kabuki is my kitty, and he has the cutest little mew ever. He will also cuddle up, but in short bursts throughout the day, rather than staying for a while like Kai. He is also prone to spreading out and showing off his belly to be rubbed.

Whenever I feed Nathan in my bed, Kai or Kabuki will typically come in for a visit. Since my arms are both holding Nathan, I can't really pet them. They will rub their heads up against Nathan's, and it is the cutest thing!

I'm not certain if Nathan is really aware of them just yet. I'm also convinced that Kai and Kabuki think Nathan is an extension of me rather than a separate person. I am curious to see how their relationship unfolds as Nathan grows.

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