Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keto: Week 2 Summary

Weight Loss: 4.3 pounds (10.3 total!)

It certainly has continued to be a learning experience to maintain a Keto lifestyle. I still have been facing a few cravings for carbohydrate-heavy foods. Mostly sugars! However, I am feeling great. My weight loss was quite a bit less this week, and I expect that is due to me being a breastfeeding mama. My body is probably going into emergency mode and attempting to shut down my metabolism and hold on to all fat stores. This is just an added bonus for those who choose to nurse our babies. The important thing, really, it that there is some improvement throughout the week, and that I am staying in ketosis.

Speaking of ketosis, I finally received my ketostix and of course immediately ran to the bathroom to take one of the tests. I don't know for how long, but I am definitely in ketosis! All the way at the largest amount, too. So no more wondering for me :-)

I have been having more feelings of hunger this last week, but I am attributing that to switching up on my mealtimes. Since my husband works so early, we have dinner early too. About an hour and a half to two hours earlier than prior. Guess when my hunger pangs occur. Right when dinner used to! So I'm sure that will pass within a couple days. What really helps me get through them without caving (I'm trying to get at minimum 12 hours between dinner and breakfast) is to just drink some water. So simple and yet it works.


This Week's Recipes: 

Cheese Crust Pizza (Cheese Crust Pizza)

This pizza tasted good (and how could it not?) but the cheese-only crust never really crisped and hardened up to make it really great. The texture reminded me of when I undercooked a pizza before and the dough was still partially raw. Blegh. This upcoming week we might try a different crust recipe!

Make it again? I don't think so.

Pork Rind Nachos (Low Carb Nachos)

This one really does not require a recipe, but hell with it I'll link to where I found the idea! The pork rinds are the chips, and then you really just add whatever you'd like on your nachos! One tip that I found particularly helpful from the OP was not to pile them up like regular nachos. Instead, just dip the pork rinds! The difference in using the pork rinds is that they can get soggy quickly, hence the no-piling-toppings recommendation.

Make it again? Definitely. It is a decent replacement for a nacho craving!

KETO RESTAURANT - Mongolian Grill - 2xchicken, brocolli, celery, jalapenos, sesame oil, hot chili oil, garlic, no rice or sauce. Mixed sriracha, butter, and soy sauce. (Split between 2 people)

Now, I know that Mongolian Grill restaurants are typically franchised, but the several near me all carry these items. At least most of them. Basically, just pile up your bowl with green veggies that aren't starchy, and some flavorful oils (we chose garlic and hot chili oils). Remember, no noodles, and ask for no rice! We wanted it to be extra filling and ordered twice the chicken. Also, NO SAUCE. I'm sure all of the ofference sauces have some sort of sugar in them so steer clear! We mixed the sriracha and soy sauce to make a tasty sauce instead! If you take it home, I recommend mixing the two with a little butter to get a bit of fat into your meal as well.

Order again? Definitely! If it weren't (somewhat) pricey we would order this weekly, at least!

Cinnamon Minute Muffin w Cream Cheese Frosting (KETO Cinnamon Roll)
Forgive the terrible picture quality! 

Oh. My. Goodness. This muffin is delicious! It makes a great breakfast, a high calorie count and quite filling! Also, super quick and easy to make.

Make it again? Hell yes. I'm struggling to not have it 4+ times a week. Oh man.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken (Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Pepperoncinis)

Delicious! And seriously easy. I didn't have chicken breasts, but instead tenderloins. This actually made it easier. No cutting raw chicken involved! I baked the tenderloins for all but the last 15 minutes, wrapped them with bacon around a pepperoncini (this recipe says jalapeno but we didn't have any) and some cream cheese. So good!

Make it again? For sure. I could easily have this meal weekly.

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