Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keto: Week 3 Summary

Weight Loss: 2.3 pounds 

This week has been somewhat of a rollercoaster for me. That probably helps to explain the low weight loss. It started with the leftovers of my son's sickess, and me stressing about the two days of him not feeding as much as usual. My biggest concern was, of course, this affecting my supply and then Nathan not getting enough to eat. 

After that, I noticed the back of my neck is somewhat sensitive/itchy and I was worried that my keto lifestyle had introduced something I'm allergic to into my daily diet. However, I am allergic to very little and I have still not tried anything completely new. The one thing I've increased my intake of the most is artificial sweeteners. Specifically, my sweetener of choice is Splenda. I looked it up and it appears as though many people have bad reactions to Splenda. So, I cut it out of my diet for several days. I saw very little improvement. Small enough that it could associated with me not scratching and simply using Cortizone lotion. Meh. One possibility is that, while burning the fat that has accumulated over years, it has introduced the toxins into my body from that fat, and this is the way for it to escape. Not exactly sure how to explain it. Basically, some people get a "keto rash".

My weight loss is painfully low this week. I first noticed this around Wednesday, and on Thursday I started looking into weight loss plateaus on keto.  One very helpful post is by humbled on r/keto here.

However, I believe that my low results can be attributed to my body finally trying to put a stop to my weight loss in a type of preservation mode for breastfeeding. 

In any case, I've switched to partial fasting days, where I can eat during an 8 hour time period and I fast for the other 16 hours. 

The benefits for fasting are (directly copied/pasted from r/keto's (link)KETO FAQ):
 Fasting and Exercise are metabolically the same. In detail, fasting leads to low insulin levels and high growth hormone. When those two are inverse, (one low, one high) more free fatty acids are released in your blood. This leads to increased fat burning. ("increased metabolism") This, in turn leads to increased amino acid movement through your muscles and means more energy and more efficient use of nutrients for the muscular tissue. In addition, your body increases in epinephrine and nor-epinephrine production which results increased alertness and mental clarity. This means that exercising in a fasted state is preferable and powerful.

In addition, I've started measuring myself in the case that I am losing inches but not weight.

Whatever, still learning I guess! :-)
Recipes __

This week was low on new recipes, a lot of the good old classics and a couple of encores of previous ones.

Keto No-Bake Bars 

We substituted 1 tsp granulated Splenda for each drop liquid sweetener since that is the only sweetener we had. This recipe was alright, but just not sweet enough. I think we expected it to be more similar to "the real thing". Perhaps if we had liquid sucralose or stevia it would have a better taste!

Make it again? Probably not.

"Breaded" Chicken tenders

This was less of a followed recipe and more of an idea a few redditors posted about using ground up pork rinds as the breading on chicken tenders. We were having so much chicken (and, you know, other meats) that I was definitely getting sick of plan old chicken. Same texture all the time. Blegh. This actually was quite good! I was worried it would get soggy quickly (like in the nachos scenario) but it worked well!

Make it again? Definitely.

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