Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nathan and his kitties

Today is another post-heavy day!

As the days and weeks pass I am more amazed with the little human being that is growing up in front of my eyes. I am so grateful to be able to spend time at home every day taking care of him. One recent development has been how aware Nathan is of the others in the household. Of course he notices myself and his daddy, but lately he has become entranced with our cats, Kabuki and Kai. They are both black and easy to spot across the room, even when I'm trying to feed Nathan in a darkened room. Despite the regular intermissions in our feeding sessions, it is hilarious that he will drop everything just to watch Kai jump up on to the dresser to get into the window.

If Nathan is playing on the floor, the kitties will often come up to see what he's doing, sniff his face, and mainly just be curious. Nathan loves it. Once he spots them coming over he smiles, and has started raising up his hand to try and feel their soft fur.

Finally, the cats have gotten used to Nathan's grabs (instead of petting he likes to grab a fistful of fur) and are incredibly patient. I mean, he is 6 months old and is already starting to realize not to grab, but to pat (it's a start!).

I love watching them grow close. During our bed time reading, some times one (or both!) of the kitties will come up and rub their foreheads against Nathan's outstretched hand. Adorable!

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