Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sickness

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This past few days has been quite stressful! Starting last Friday, Nathan had a fever. I did the normal stuff of trying to give him acetominophen to bring down the temperature, kept him dressed lightly, all that typical stuff to help him feel comfortable. However, when it spiked that afternoon to above 102 and he was completely inconsolable, I went to the doctor. 

"He's fine, just a virus" says the doctor. 

My mother, who accompanied/drove me (typical, the one day I am without a car my baby gets sick) asked "At which point do we go to urgent care/ER, if his fever goes up?" 

Something along those lines. The doctor didn't really answer, basically saying that it wouldn't happen. His fever wouldn't go up too much and in a couple of days it'll be just fine. The next day, luckily, Jason did not have work. I say luckily, because Nathan's fever spiked up again - this time above 104 degrees. He was vomiting and would not stop crying. Generally a miserable baby. We couldn't even get him to keep down medicine to try and bring down his fever. 

We called a nurse's hotline (SO helpful, especially for a first-time mother), who recommended we go to the ER. What a stressful day! The doctor there said basically the same thing, but gave Nathan some medicine to help prevent him from vomiting up the medicine, and then gave some ibuprofen and acetaminophen to bring down his fever. After an hour, Nathan was actually smiling! Thank goodness. The next day was spent rotating medicine through him to keep him comfortable, and allowing him for tons of sleep and TONS of nursing. Jason was incredibly helpful and switched off with me throughout the night sleeping in our recliner/nursery floor because Nathan would not sleep on his own. He vomited a few times and more than once I was pretty sure that there was no milk for me to give Nathan to make up the difference. Sunday night I slept in my own bed! And finally on Wednesday he is back to his normal self 100%! Glad it is over.

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  1. glad he is better! stinks so much when our kids our sick!