Friday, May 18, 2012

Check-in 5/18/12

Wow, it has been a challenge logging on to post about everything this past couple of weeks. I have suddenly become very stir-crazy at home and the weather has been especially lovely this past few days. This has, of course, lead to any excuse to go out and enjoy it! Play dates, trip to the park, random errands that involve driving or walking somewhere. I absolutely love it! Plus we could really use the extra vitamin D up here in the Northwest.

I joined a bowling league with my mother - we just started yesterday! I am excited to get a bit of time without baby to keep my own sense of individuality, some more social time with my mom, and for Jason and Nathan to get some exclusive bonding time!

Around the house we are going through a big ordeal where the end result is either us moving out or getting a loan modification. I am going through all of the items we have accumulated (much of it to excess, we really do not need this much) and trying to donate as much as possible. Watching Hoarders definitely helps. Seriously, just go to Netflix, turn that show on, and try NOT to start packing up/trashing/donating things. Impossible, I say!

This is my final week of exclusive KETO, after which Jason and I are going to try carb days once a week to revamp our weight loss. If we end up gaining during these days, however, we will have to change our game plan and possibly just go back to solid KETO for a few more weeks.

Nathan is getting ever closer to figuring out how to crawl! It is amazing to watch him learn and figure things out for himself. Our hard wood floors are a bit too slippery so I think that may be holding him back a little bit. He is very efficient at rotating, and that's always hilarious, but he is getting some movement in there! More each day, it seems!

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