Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Check-in 5/29 Mompetition

     I finally ordered a sit-to-stand type toy for Nathan! I am really excited. He is still struggling to hold his own weight up (unsurprising, since he is quite heavy!) but I don't think I've given him enough encouragement to even try to pull himself up. Very excited about that!

      I've been trying to give Nathan as much time sitting and almost-crawling as possible. Recently received one of those floor mats that fit together like a puzzle - it is a lifesaver! Our place is one story, hard wood directly on the concrete foundation. Not a great place for an uncoordinated baby to learn! He is doing quite well at holding himself sitting and in the crawling position. So hilarious though - he can pretty much only move backward when attempting to crawl. We set him up facing away from his crib, and over the course of a couple minutes he ended up crawling backward right underneath it. He didn't think it was as amusing as we did. Poor guy.

Mompetitive Me
     Despite how well I know he is doing, and how different babies develop at varying rates (and all that) I keep noticing my default reaction toward my mommy friends (with babies of similar age) is competitive. One of my old coworkers has a beautiful baby girl a couple weeks older than Nathan, and she is already pulling herself up to stand! There are so many factors that go into a baby's progress (and Nathan is by no means 'behind' for his age) and yet I keep thinking "I'm not helping Nathan practice enough" or similar sentiments. Luckily I realize that I am being ridiculous and get over it quite soon after. I just find it interesting. Will this last, I wonder? If he plays sports will I get this same attitude? Most likely, I was pretty competitive growing up and I know my husband is the same (only more so). At least I know about it now, so I can try to balance it out and prevent it from getting out of hand!

     I had about a week with the increased carbs per day and my supply is great! It was a little high for a couple of days (I needed to rebuild my freezer stash anyway) and now it has evened out at a higher capacity than before. My means of adding to my carbohydrates was to do my typical diet and just add a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. That alone is 27 carbs (I like steelcut or irish oats). Feeling good! Re-lost the weight we had gained on our first carb day, and had a carb meal instead this last weekend. No gain! And it was much more enjoyable. I highly recommend a carby MEAL instead of full day. But if you're like me, you will have to learn the hard way the first time. That's alright, it just puts you a few days behind.

Me Time
     Just the other day my mom, sister and I went for pedicures. It was pretty nice actually! I never consider myself all that girly, so I wasn't sure about going for something so decidedly girly. It was a nice change of pace for me. I haven't painted my fingernails in at least 2 years, and who knows the last time my toe nails were painted! It definitely made me want to do more thinks of that nature and I ended up adding some (clear) polish to my fingernails.

I think this post is getting long enough, so I will end it. I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

I entered Nathan in a magazine cover contest - if you'd like to vote for him the link is


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