Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keto: (Final) Week 6 Summary

Total Weight Loss: Over 20 pounds!

I cannot believe six weeks have already passed! This has been quite a learning experience for my husband and me. I actually got the encouragement and excitement to cook something every single day, and to try lots of new items to increase our variety of foods for longer-term success!

For my husband and I, the ketogenic lifestyle is worth following for most of the time. We have both hit somewhat of a plateau so we are looking to bump it out with some carb-heavy days (once a week).

I wanted to delay today's post in order to include my notes from my first carb-filled day in a month-and-a-half!

The first thing I noticed was that my breasts were fairly engorged in between feedings. I didn't have a bunch of random letdowns or anything, but they were definitely full and hard. They have not been like that in months. Because of this, as I really did not think carb intake would affect my supply much at all, I have decided to increase my carb intake by 20 grams per day. 40g of carbohydrates each day now, except for once a week possibly.

My energy level after the first sugary and starchy meal leaped up. It was great though, because we headed directly to the zoo and ran around pushing a stroller on a timeframe (a certain amount of time was paid for in our parking spot). If we had left it at that, I would probably feel fantastic right now and I'm sure it would have only helped our overall weight loss. But we had to overdo it. That's just who we are. We had to learn the hard way. So, we had giant burritos for lunch and pizza and breadsticks for dinner. And don't forget the delicious cake we had for dessert!

As a direct comparison: I never felt full for very long today. Carbs may fill you up, but only for a short time. Meats and fats, however, fill you up well and for a long time. Today I'm sure we careened past our typical daily caloric goals, but on keto we would be plenty full even before hitting our calories for the day. Energy levels spiked and dropped in between snacks/meals all day long today, whereas they are typically fairly level throughout the entire day. Actually, today was a really interesting day to go through such a drastic meal change after 6 weeks of one particular food ratio.

Next week, if we get back within our goal ranges, we have decided to have a carby meal, not a carby day. Blegh.

Edit: 5/21 My recommendation: If you are breastfeeding while going ketogenic and your supply is low, increase your carb intake. Anything below 100g of carbohydrates in a day is considered 'low carb' and will help you lose weight when compared to the typical American carb-heavy diet. All day yesterday I had a huge oversupply, and today there are still some leftovers of the same. Once this wears off I will go to the new 40g of carbs per day plan, and see how that works for me.

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