Saturday, May 12, 2012

KETO: Week 5 Summary/Check-in

Weight Loss: 4.5 pounds!

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I have been a bit under the weather! Some bug I caught magically despite being home most of the week. This week the real struggle was when I started feeling sick. Whenever I'm nauseous the only thing that seems to settle my stomach is delicious starchy carbs. Like plain bagels or saltines or something. However, as that is off of my diet (and there's no guarantee that would still work for me) I have simply been suffering. The other problem (only exacerbated by the nausea) is that I'm not putting enough effort in to be creative and eat different foods. We went to Costco, bought a lot of the same stuff that we liked and could have on our diet, and as expected I am sick of a bunch of it now.

Luckily, we made a quick trip to a grocery store and bought some different meats that we haven't been eating and I should easily make it through my six week goal of KETO.

One thing that happened, and I have been careful but after a while it is easy to get lazy, happened just yesterday. Jason and I took a trip to the market to have lunch and drinks outside in the beautiful sunshine, and we found a new brand of diet root beer. Awesome! Sugar-free and in a glass bottle (somehow it always tastes better in a glass bottle, doesn't it?). I tried it out, and thought it was a bit off in flavor. Oh well, I thought, probably because I'm used to Splenda as my sweetener and this used Stevia. I basically forced myself to drink it because we'd spent the money and I hate to waste things. Only after I finished it did I notice the calorie count on the side of the bottle: 160. Diet sodas typically do not have calories. Somehow, after noticing and grabbing one of the diet root beers, I have grabbed the regular version for the second. And FORCED myself to drink it. 42 carbs. I was mad. If I was going to have so many carbs why did it have to be something I didn't even enjoy? Gah.

Anywho, so now I'm testing to see if I'm still in ketosis (I was this morning) or if I'll be dealing with another keto flu. Super frustrating. But the main thing is, it's ok to make mistakes. Just keep going with your usual plans, do not let it discourage you.



Holy Grail Pizza Crust

This pizza was alright, however I have had entirely too many almonds and so I think that may have colored my opinion a bit. Also, tomato paste has a weird sweet taste to it, so I recommend tomato sauce. The texture was pretty good though, much better than that cheese crust we made previously.

Make it again: Not anytime soon. Maybe once I'm over this sickness.

We also have been experimenting with taking regular recipes and subbing in splenda and almond or coconut flour to cut the carbs down. We tried this with a brownie recipe (on a baking cocoa box) and it was alright, however much too sweet for my taste. My husband loved it.

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