Monday, May 14, 2012

New Foods!

Since Nathan had gotten sick I sort of fell behind in sharing new and different foods with him. In fact, for about a week and a half after his fever I was so concerned with rebuilding my supply I think I only fed him mushy foods once or twice!

So I am way overdue. Today we shall try out mango for the first time! I have been hesitant with new fruits just because of the possibility of a citrus allergy, but that's just my first-time-mommyness (that's a word, right?)  coming out. Now that I am back in action with blending up home made baby meals, I might have to start making combinations to keep things interesting for him!

This week we will be trying mango for the first time, and chicken! I'm not sure how the chicken will be since it sounds just awful. I might add ginger or apple to it to give it some flavor.

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