Friday, June 8, 2012

Ambiguous Symptoms

I find it frustrating but also interesting how the same symptoms can mean so many different ailments. Especially the human body's natural reactions toward a virus or infection.

Specifically, at the moment my frustration lies in my son's low fever. Barely even registers as  fever, but he is warm to the touch. He also keeps tugging on his ear. And fussing. More difficult to get down for a nap or bed. Even more difficult to keep down for a good amount of time for sleep.

Is it a tooth? Ear infection? Something else? Who knows! He has been having these symptoms either continuously (and copious amounts of drooling) or on and off for the past several months, so I would think they are signs of teething. Of course this doesn't rule out an ear infection, since it could at some point be both. Gah!

Anyway, I've noticed this a while back but recently started trying to research the cause of a new symptom Nathan is showing. He is tilting his head to one side. Not all the time, not most of the time even. But every day, at some point. Apparently (from anecdotal evidence) it could be ear infection, trouble hearing, trouble seeing, or torticollis, or possibly something else. From what I've noticed (after my mini panic attack that it might be torticollis and require surgery) it appears as though he is trying to see something better, trying to focus his eyes. That is my best guess, in a couple of weeks is our next appointment so unless something else happens I will ask about it then.

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