Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another gift idea!

Found this idea on the front page of Reddit from user justgrant2009 and thought it was adorable.

His mom collected everything she'd ever found in his pockets while doing laundry and put it into a lamp for his wedding gift!

So interesting to see it go from mostly marbles and toys to things like money and school supplies and all that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun Gift Idea!

Recently I was browsing through the forums and saw a post about a clever gift idea. The idea was to set up an email account for your unborn/young child and to send emails to it periodically, with words or images or anything meaningful. By the time they turn 18 they will have a lifelong time capsule! How sweet is that?

For me though, it seemed too digital/unreal. Plus, what if whichever email company you go through closes down or shuts down inactive email accounts after a certain amount of time? Do I want to be attempting to remember to log in to another email account every six months or risk losing the emails? No way.

Instead, I think physical letters and photos and actual keepsakes should go into a real time capsule (aka: shoebox) and that would feel more special to me. I plan on starting one of these for Nathan before his first birthday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Quality Time

As I go along this route of parenthood I keep thinking I have it figured out. Only briefly, however, because as soon as that thought crosses my mind I get slapped in the face with reality. The biggest culprit of this false consistency is Nathan's sleep schedule. As with any growing baby, it is changing every few weeks/months/days sometimes. Even after 10 months of this (He's already 10 months old holy cow) I still keep thinking that his sleep schedule will stay the same for any extended amount of time. Nope!

Luckily, in my attempts at consistency, I have been pushing him in the right direction. And if nothing else, his bedtime/naptime routine can be the same activities, if at different times.

Nathan's new baby jail

What I've particularly enjoyed is doing our meals together. I had gotten into the habit of giving Nathan food while I would prepare my own, just to distract him while keeping him in my site. Now I bought a giant playpen and he is safe and in eye-shot while I am in the kitchen, so that is no longer necessary! Jason, Nathan and I all sat down for our meal yesterday, and Nathan loved it! It was the first time he didn't start whining before the end of his food time. We have been eating together ever since. Highly recommended! I wish I had started sooner. This morning, instead of preparing part of my breakfast, inhaling it, then going over to play with Nathan while my coffee got cold and forgetting about the yogurt sitting on the counter; I prepared all of our food, set it all up at the table, and just sat and ate it all at once while feeding Nathan! I actually got to relax and drink my coffee! I had begun to think that would be impossible.

Nathan and Daddy!

About a week ago we bought a little bathroom stool for Nathan. It was to encourage him to push up onto his feet and maybe get him to stand up eventually. Instead, he loved to flip it over immediately. Typical! But, a couple days ago he started pushing up and was practically standing! Then, yesterday, he pulled himself all the way up with the couch as support. He did it all day long and was as excited as we were. Today he nearly gave me a heart attack because he pulled himself up and then let go of the support while flailing around. Sheesh! I snagged him immediately, but next time I will just be ready and let him try all he wants. I get paranoid when he's wearing socks and on the slippery hard wood floors.

Nathan and Mommy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

Crawling and sleeping and teeth!

I apologize for the long break between posts - I have been keeping busy and attempting to keep up with the little guy!

Nathan's first tooth appeared right around when I started getting teeth - 8.5 months of age! And now, a month later, he's up to 4 showing teeth and one that should arrive any day now. As you might expect, his sleep has been all over the place. In the past couple of weeks I have spent the night (4+ hours) in the recliner in Nathan's room probably more than 7 times. My back is paying for it! But, if it's the only way to get sleep while he is teething then I will take it!

Nathan is crawling all over the place! Seems like he figured it out over night. It is amazing to see him figure things out for himself. He's been at this stage where he must feel everything; with his hands first and then with his mouth. So freakin' cute! But now that he is mobile I am getting very little done around the house. Every few minutes I have to turn him around and get him to crawl away from the cat food, away from the kitchen, and toward his toys and the stuff he should be enjoying! I've finally caved in and decided to pick up a kiddie corral fence thing. As much as I like the break from the dishes, I can't keep putting them off. Them and everything else I've gotten out of this past two days!

One good thing about Nathan's sleeping is that he is figuring out how to fall back asleep on his own. As some one who *gasp* nurses and rocks my baby to sleep most of the time, there were times when I was worried he'd never figure it out and I'd be stuck cuddling him and singing him into dreamland forever. How terrible THAT would be ;-)  . Even though I love every second of our quiet time, it is nice to know that if he wakes up before he's ready to get up for the day he will be able to fall back asleep on his own. More time for me to get things done or relax or SLEEP!

Right now I'm planning and daydreaming all about Nathan's first birthday! It isn't until the end of September but boy am I pumped! Trying to make up some invites right now and plan every silly little detail. I'm sure most of which will go out the window the day of.