Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun Gift Idea!

Recently I was browsing through the forums and saw a post about a clever gift idea. The idea was to set up an email account for your unborn/young child and to send emails to it periodically, with words or images or anything meaningful. By the time they turn 18 they will have a lifelong time capsule! How sweet is that?

For me though, it seemed too digital/unreal. Plus, what if whichever email company you go through closes down or shuts down inactive email accounts after a certain amount of time? Do I want to be attempting to remember to log in to another email account every six months or risk losing the emails? No way.

Instead, I think physical letters and photos and actual keepsakes should go into a real time capsule (aka: shoebox) and that would feel more special to me. I plan on starting one of these for Nathan before his first birthday!

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