Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where has Summer gone?

It seems like the last time I actually noticed the date (rather than mindlessly crossing off a day on the calendar) Summer was only beginning. I had months to enjoy the weather. Months! Now it is already the end of August and who knows if our sunny Northwest weather will last long.

The whole fiasco with our kitty Kai really took the reigns in the last few weeks. For the first few days I avoided leaving the house much because I was so worried I'd return and he would be gone from us. These days I want to avoid driving our gas-hogging Grand Cherokee in an effort to save on our fuel bill. In any case, it seems like every little thing is attempting to prevent me from going out and doing something with Nathan outside of our home. But I will not be defeated!

I have been Googling some free or inexpensive fun things to do and we are making a game plan for our long weekend! My hard-working husband Jason has an extra day off and we are filling it, and the rest of the weekend up.

Nathan has been standing up a lot, practicing balancing and ALMOST taking steps. Growing up so fast! He can (though still rarely does) stand up without anything to pull up on. Even when we hold his hands to help him take steps, he expects to be picked up so he just drops to the floor. I think by the time he is one he will be able to walk though.

We are also practicing using utensils! I try to give equal time to his left and right hands. As a lefty myself, I'd like him to be left-handed BUT ambidextrous would be more helpful in the long run. If he plays baseball though, I am buying him a lefty mitt. It has been decided! :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday Review/Comparison: Kirkland vs Target Up&Up Diapers

Kirkland Signature (Costco) diapers versus Target's Up & Up diapers!

For the purposes of this comparison, we are using size 4 diapers for both brands right now. Nathan is currently around 28 lbs and 31 inches tall.

Overall, both are decent quality diapers that can absorb quite a bit and fit a good range of weights/heights while still preventing (most) leaks. Nathan never had any skin reaction to either, and both are very affordable and available in large quantities.

Fit: Most brands have size four diapers being for the range of 22lbs - 37lbs. Target's Up & Up (U&U) are shorter, and fit Nathan better. Kirkland Signature (KS) are a lot longer and go up pretty high above Nathan's waist. Both can be tightened or loosened  a couple of times and still stay attached and on the baby (even with a squirmer like Nathan). Winner for Fit: U&U

Absorption: While both U&U and KS can hold a lot of liquid, KS wins this category. U&U cannot always get through the night without overflowing and leaving poor Nathan a bit damp. KS never overfilled in that time frame. Winner for Absorption: KS

Quality: I'd say the quality for both brands is good, and fairly equal. Rarely any leaks (within a normal time in the diapers) and very few times have I seen the gel leak out. Those times were when I probably should have changed Nathan sooner! Winner for Quality: It's a tie!

Price: KS diapers are (at my local Costco) $40.99 for 180ct = $0.23 per diaper.
U&U diapers are $25.99 for 156ct = $0.17 per diaper.
Winner for Price: U&U

So if I weighed these categories evenly, the winner would be Target's Up & Up brand diapers! However, I really need that overnight protection and absorption SO I am currently buying U&U for most of my diapers (daytime) and for nighttime I buy KS.

Posting this a day early because these weeks have been crazy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitty Emergency

So, just over a week ago, our kitty Kai collapsed to the ground and lost control of his bowels. Of course, we rushed him to the veterinary hospital who took him overnight for blood work and an x-ray for diagnosis. Over $500 and some BS later, we had Kai home with some antibiotics. Unfortunately, he wasn't eating or doing anything really. We kept an eye on him, but when we still had not seen him eat by the following day we brought him in to our wonderful vet, who works in the Cat Clinic at Canyon Park.
They took care of our sweet kitty until the ultrasound tech could come in to scan Kai's heart. The resulting diagnosis is that Kai has a rare and severe form of heart disease. There is a small chance that increasing his taurine intake could reverse it, but I am not sure how likely that is. His expected lifetime from now is anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.
We got to bring him home with several medications and hope for the best. He didn't eat on his own for the first couple of days, but  finally he started eating by himself yesterday! He is slowly returning to the kitty we remember from before this entire thing started. Since we first got him on Sunday all the way until a couple days ago he would just sit around. Not eat or sleep or look around. So this is a huge improvement! I am trying to remain hopeful but also I know that it doesn't mean his heart disease will go away.
Nathan has officially added 'kitty' to his vocabulary. First word other than mama and Dada.