Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitty Emergency

So, just over a week ago, our kitty Kai collapsed to the ground and lost control of his bowels. Of course, we rushed him to the veterinary hospital who took him overnight for blood work and an x-ray for diagnosis. Over $500 and some BS later, we had Kai home with some antibiotics. Unfortunately, he wasn't eating or doing anything really. We kept an eye on him, but when we still had not seen him eat by the following day we brought him in to our wonderful vet, who works in the Cat Clinic at Canyon Park.
They took care of our sweet kitty until the ultrasound tech could come in to scan Kai's heart. The resulting diagnosis is that Kai has a rare and severe form of heart disease. There is a small chance that increasing his taurine intake could reverse it, but I am not sure how likely that is. His expected lifetime from now is anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.
We got to bring him home with several medications and hope for the best. He didn't eat on his own for the first couple of days, but  finally he started eating by himself yesterday! He is slowly returning to the kitty we remember from before this entire thing started. Since we first got him on Sunday all the way until a couple days ago he would just sit around. Not eat or sleep or look around. So this is a huge improvement! I am trying to remain hopeful but also I know that it doesn't mean his heart disease will go away.
Nathan has officially added 'kitty' to his vocabulary. First word other than mama and Dada.

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