Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday Review/Comparison: Kirkland vs Target Up&Up Diapers

Kirkland Signature (Costco) diapers versus Target's Up & Up diapers!

For the purposes of this comparison, we are using size 4 diapers for both brands right now. Nathan is currently around 28 lbs and 31 inches tall.

Overall, both are decent quality diapers that can absorb quite a bit and fit a good range of weights/heights while still preventing (most) leaks. Nathan never had any skin reaction to either, and both are very affordable and available in large quantities.

Fit: Most brands have size four diapers being for the range of 22lbs - 37lbs. Target's Up & Up (U&U) are shorter, and fit Nathan better. Kirkland Signature (KS) are a lot longer and go up pretty high above Nathan's waist. Both can be tightened or loosened  a couple of times and still stay attached and on the baby (even with a squirmer like Nathan). Winner for Fit: U&U

Absorption: While both U&U and KS can hold a lot of liquid, KS wins this category. U&U cannot always get through the night without overflowing and leaving poor Nathan a bit damp. KS never overfilled in that time frame. Winner for Absorption: KS

Quality: I'd say the quality for both brands is good, and fairly equal. Rarely any leaks (within a normal time in the diapers) and very few times have I seen the gel leak out. Those times were when I probably should have changed Nathan sooner! Winner for Quality: It's a tie!

Price: KS diapers are (at my local Costco) $40.99 for 180ct = $0.23 per diaper.
U&U diapers are $25.99 for 156ct = $0.17 per diaper.
Winner for Price: U&U

So if I weighed these categories evenly, the winner would be Target's Up & Up brand diapers! However, I really need that overnight protection and absorption SO I am currently buying U&U for most of my diapers (daytime) and for nighttime I buy KS.

Posting this a day early because these weeks have been crazy!

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