Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where has Summer gone?

It seems like the last time I actually noticed the date (rather than mindlessly crossing off a day on the calendar) Summer was only beginning. I had months to enjoy the weather. Months! Now it is already the end of August and who knows if our sunny Northwest weather will last long.

The whole fiasco with our kitty Kai really took the reigns in the last few weeks. For the first few days I avoided leaving the house much because I was so worried I'd return and he would be gone from us. These days I want to avoid driving our gas-hogging Grand Cherokee in an effort to save on our fuel bill. In any case, it seems like every little thing is attempting to prevent me from going out and doing something with Nathan outside of our home. But I will not be defeated!

I have been Googling some free or inexpensive fun things to do and we are making a game plan for our long weekend! My hard-working husband Jason has an extra day off and we are filling it, and the rest of the weekend up.

Nathan has been standing up a lot, practicing balancing and ALMOST taking steps. Growing up so fast! He can (though still rarely does) stand up without anything to pull up on. Even when we hold his hands to help him take steps, he expects to be picked up so he just drops to the floor. I think by the time he is one he will be able to walk though.

We are also practicing using utensils! I try to give equal time to his left and right hands. As a lefty myself, I'd like him to be left-handed BUT ambidextrous would be more helpful in the long run. If he plays baseball though, I am buying him a lefty mitt. It has been decided! :-)

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