Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back on keto!

So, after a fairly long hiatus from our low carb lifestyle, we decided to go back on keto until Nathan's birthday!
With what I learned before, I am going about this a little differently. I will be taking more measurements, keeping a closer eye on my milk supply, and a few other adjustments.
On my time away from keto I tried to keep track of the differences, physical and otherwise. I tended to eat to pass the time or just to "feel better". This was especially the case during particularly stressful and emotional times. More times than I'd like to admit I overate. My milk supply was overabundant. Especially after a few weeks of carby eating, I had overactive letdowns and leftover milk after Nathan had filled up. For the first few days after stopping keto, my husband and I noticed an attitude change. We were a lot crankier and had shorter fuses. Over time this leveled out though.
Now, we are a couple days back into low-carb and are reliving those changes. I think it is safe to assume that any major change in diet can cause a temporary mood shift. I am feeling unenergetic  and craving something full of sugar! But, just like last time, this will pass.

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