Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nathan - the Toddler

I am truly amazed that 365 days have passed since Nathan joined our family. As much as I remember my water breaking, waiting around at the hospital, and that entire affair - I cannot recall how it was as just the two of us.

The past year has flown by, as time seems to as we age, and it's crazy to try and remember all that has happened.

Nathan as a newborn infant would not sleep unless he was cuddled up on me or Jason. I loved the closeness, and I was exhausted and napping quite a bit at that time as well.

His first bath at home was exciting - and hated by Nathan. Jason and I were worried about his temperature, about the risk of dropping the slippery baby, and more I'm sure.

Nathan's first holiday season is more of a blur than anything. We were sleep-deprived, and Nathan was too young to do much. He was very good with everyone, didn't cry once at Christmas!

I'm not sure if Jason and I even stayed up until midnight for New Year's. If so, it was probably along the lines of. "3...2...1...Happy New Year's!" Let's go to bed.

We had a half birthday party, just as an excuse to invite people over and get together.

Our first trip to the zoo - despite the huge downpour we had a fun time. Even got Nathan to fall asleep in the stroller for the first time in months!

We took Nathan swimming a few times in the pool. He loves splashing around, but got bored at being restricted to a floaty or being in our arms.

Bath time is no longer hated by Nathan - in fact he splashes around so much that more water ends up outside of the bathtub.

Nathan started sitting up on his own, rolling around, crawling, standing, and now shuffling sideways and taking a few small steps. It all ran seamlessly into the next, as if it all just really happened.

I had no idea how much love I could have for some one. He melts my heart with every smile.

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