Friday, October 26, 2012

Aloha Friday 10/26/12

I'm still missing my kitty Kai (here's the post) and could use some happy stories this week.

So my question is:

What is something you are excited for?

My husband and I have put our social life on hold quite a bit this past year, but we have had a number of fantastically happy days. Of course, love spending time together, seeing Nathan discover new things and grow up in front of me. Other than the obvious fact that I'm psyched to see the next thing that Nathan learns and to hear the next word he learns, I am especially excited for something else. This December, my husband and I are going to our first concert in over a year! The first real concert since before I got pregnant, which will have been over 2 years. We used to go to several concerts each year, so this is exciting and a first step in getting the "us" part of our family back again. Of course I wouldn't trade my new life for anything, but from time to time it's great to get back to your carefree moments temporarily.


  1. Ooooh! Date Night! :) Now the question to you is, which concert? :)

    As for me, I'm actually excited for Thanksgiving weekend - Princess Nagger is off school for an extended weekend, and who doesn't like to mac out on that thankful day? :)

    So very sorry for your loss - it's always tough losing one of your furbabies. :( ((HUGZ!!))

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  2. Losing a pet is so hard...Ive been there a few times too :( Kai looks like he was an adorable cat!

    I am looking excited to a "hoe down" at work tomorrow night. I work helping to run programs for special needs kids and adults and we are having a Halloween party for them!

  3. I am excited to be heading to see my grandchildren in just a few days
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  4. I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

  5. That is wonderful that you both make special time for each other.

    I am not really excited for anything right now. Maybe I'm just fatigued.