Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aloha Friday 10/5/12

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

Hard to believe it's already a few days into October!

This week I'm wondering...
What is a funny thing that happened in your childhood?

Apparently, when I was quite young I couldn't pronounce my first name, Jessica. To me, it sounded like "Kaka", so when people asked my name, that's what I responded with. They laughed, and of course kids love to make people laugh, so I continued to say that for who knows how long.

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  1. That is hilarious! So the question is - has the nickname stuck all these years, Kaka? ;) Thanks for the giggle!

    As for me, I cannot remember anything funny from my childhood - I must be getting old. ;) Princess Nagger's funny moments are much easier to remember - like her calling a bathing suit a 'baby snoot', and calling our cat Norman 'No Mo'. :) We still refer to both that way which results her her rolling her eyes at us now. :)

    Get Your Motor Running

    1. My family loves to call me Kaka from time to time to keep me grounded ;-)

      Children's interpretations of words and speaking are just adorable! Love it :-)

  2. Probably any trip we took as a family. There was always something funny going on with 4 kids.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That is hilarious!

    I was sitting there thinking hard on something funny as a child and nothing came to mind.

    I guess the bad parts just outweigh the funnies.

    Happy weekend.

  4. let me think? maybe playing pretend games all the time and my sister and brother will remind me about what i did during those times! lol thinking about those times makes me smile already!

  5. My brother use to do Elvis impersonations. They were very funny!

  6. I was once playing with a skunk and cam home smelling quite ummm ... skunky!