Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mommy Confessions

Came across this post at The Stir today, and LOVED IT. Checked out immediately and suddenly I feel a lot better about myself as a mom. Sure, I typically try to research things I know little about, and try and keep Nathan well taken care of and everything. But sometimes I just don't feel like I am keeping up. At my old job I had learned so much and actually felt like I knew what I was doing the majority of the time. That hasn't been the case since Nathan was born!

But, keeping up with the theme of confessions, here are a couple of my own:

~I let Nathan chase after our (healthy) kitty all he wants - until the kitty starts swiping at him. One of them will learn! Nathan shouldn't chase kitties because they scratch and kitty should hide from Nathan because he grabs.

~I am most excited for Nathan to have teeth and be able to chew food because I no longer have to blend anything up. I can just chop up some stuff and he feeds himself! It's great!

So what are your mommy confessions?

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