Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Sweet Kitty Kai

Three and a half years ago, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I adopted two amazing little kittens. We knew right away that they were the ones for us when they practically jumped into our arms upon meeting.

Kai (with Jason) when we first adopted him.

Kai was even more forceful with his love; he would literally knock his head against your chin until you petted him enough. He was the first lap kitty I have ever met. Sure, kitties will sometimes visit to be scratched behind the ears for a short time, but Kai would stay and cuddle up and fall asleep. At night he would come in and lay across my neck, like a little kitty scarf. If you so much as glanced at him, he would begin purring.

He loved his brother - they would often clean each other and fall asleep together.

Kai and Kabuki from a couple years ago.

Last August we learned that Kai had a rare and severe form of heart disease. Even though I knew he was dying, on some level I always thought he would make it through.

In the recent weeks he had stopped doing most things. He would barely eat, never played around, and mostly stayed in a quiet place away from everybody. He used to constantly jump up onto my lap when I was rocking Nathan to sleep, but that had stopped. Kabuki (his brother) started avoiding him for the most part. He had to be assist-fed for a while.

A couple days ago Kabuki started spending tons of time with Kai. I would always find them together. Kai suddenly had a huge appetite and was constantly drinking water. Kai was always seeking us out to visit. He would jump into our laps and just purr - full force rather than the weak half purring he had been doing. Last night he visited us at bedtime and laid across my neck like the old times - the first time in a very long time.

Kabuki keeping Kai company yesterday

Last night Kai came into Nathan's room as I was setting Nathan back into his crib. He came to be with us in his last moments. Jason and I comforted him as he passed away.

Kai, you were the most loving kitty. Rest in peace little buddy, we will miss you.

Kai April 2009 - October 2012

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