Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: LeachCo Prop 'R Shopper Cart Cover

Today I am reviewing the LeachCo Cart Cover. I actually bought this a long time ago - nearly a year. I was excited when I saw this because it just looks comfortable. Carts never do, all metal or at least hard plastic, cold, typically wet from rain. Blegh. Not only does this have big cushions on both sides, but there's a pocket on the back flap (not visible in this picture), two toy holders on the front, a little seat belt to keep the baby inside, and a cover for the cart handle! 
Convenience: This product is made of machine-washable fabric (just remove the pillows and toss in the washing machine!) When not in use, you can roll it up and it closes with velcro and the seatbelt becomes a handle. The toy tethers are a huge help - especially once children figure out they can throw things. Since babies seem to love chewing on the nasty cart handle, this covers it right up so you won't have to make a mad dash for the sanitizing wipes. 

Quality: Over the past year, this thing has gotten a lot of use. It has held together completely, and there is no visible wearing on it thus far. This is durable and works for most carts. The only exceptions I've come across are the new giant plastic target carts. I can even fit it into (one side) of the Costco carts. 

Cost: Compared to other cart covers, the LeachCo seems to be in the middle range of cost. Right now, you can buy one at BabiesRUs for $40 - the cheapest other brand costs $20 and the most expensive is $68. At the LeachCo cover is $29.99, the cheapest other brand is $17 and the most expensive is $90. 

The only supposed downside I've found to this is that since it is so shaped to carts in particular, it doesn't double as a cushion for restaurant high chairs. This is a feature of some other types of cart covers. But really, I don't think Nathan could fit in restaurant high chairs with a cushion crammed in there too. In addition, to be able to fit things that are as differently shaped as a cart and a high chair, it would have to sacrifice a bit of quality. No loss to us!

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