Thursday, November 29, 2012

KETO: Meatballs and Coffee Cake

My husband and I weighed ourselves after Thanksgiving and decided we needed an emergency keto week! We will be planning longer bouts in ketosis for the near future, but right now we are needing to trim the food budget and spend it on Christmas preparations instead! So, quick little bursts to help maintain our weight.

Here are a couple of the recipes I've enjoyed this week.

Low-Carb Meatball Nirvana
(original recipe here)

I came upon the original recipe while off the low-carb lifestyle and loved it! So I had to make some substitutions so that I could continue to make these, on or off keto!

2 steps to adjust the recipe:
Sub in almond milk or half and half for the milk (or don't - it's ~13 carbs divided into 20 meatballs)
Sub in one egg instead of bread crumbs

I tend to add a lot of sriracha to this recipe, but I am addicted to the stuff.

Low Carb Coffee Cake
(link here)

Just made this tonight and enjoyed it quite a bit! It smelled amazing and was very easy to make as well. I might sub in a different sweetener for Splenda (maybe Stevia) but other than that it was a great low carb version of a treat.

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