Thursday, December 13, 2012

Great Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mother

Teething Bling
Product Details

Teething bling is a breastfeeding necklace for teething babies - I discovered this item far too late into my breastfeeding relationship! They come in a number of colors to match any outfit. They are fairly inexpensive at around $20 apiece, and this company also sells bangles to match! You can redirect your baby's biting to this conveniently located necklace. Fantastic!

Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC

This item was a recent gift to me from my husband, it is a 7 inch tablet PC. It is fantastic! It is fast, can run multiple applications at once, and has the Droid market - lots of apps and even many free ones. There are two types available - 8gb at $200 and the 16gb one at $250! Sometimes it is nice to get a break and just sit quietly with the baby during nursing sessions; other times it can be quite boring and a gadget like this can pass the time.

Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow
Product Details

While there are other brands of breastfeeding support pillows, my only experience is with this one. I loved it! When Nathan was first born I was so concerned with propping him at the correct height while keeping him comfortable, and this pillow was a great support for my arms to allow me to do so! These also come in a variety of colors and designs. However, as a gift for a breastfeeding mother, they only need one and mostly in the first few weeks or months after birth.


There are a number of nursing tank tops/bras/shirts/pads/more that are quite useful to a breastfeeding mother, but buying clothing can be tricky - especially for some one whose belly and chest went through quite an ordeal during pregnancy and continue to change throughout the breastfeeding relationship. So, you may want to avoid this.

What do you think? What are some gifts that you breastfeeding mamas could use?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!

Lately Nathan has rediscovered his voice. He screams, a lot. He hollers out of excitement, yells in frustration, and hoots when he's upset. I've heard that it is just a phase. I've been ignoring it. I've tried reminding him that we use our inside voices unless we are outside. No change. It has been weeks, perhaps even months, since he began this. If anything, he does this more now.

I am starting to realize he might just be a loud kid. He isn't constantly screaming, or anything similar to that. However, I probably hear him cry out around three times in a given day.

Oh well, for now we have no neighbors directly near us to get annoyed, so I will just continue to not react to his yelling. As he gets older he will learn appropriate times to be loud, and when it is best to be quiet.

Such a goof.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Joys and Gifts of Breastfeeding

 Keeping up with the season of giving and being thankful, I have been thinking about the numerous gifts that breastfeeding my son has awarded me. Of course, there is a large range of blessings that can come from such a natural, loving activity - a full spectrum of gifts bestowed upon me by my little one. If you have breastfed a child, perhaps you can relate.

Going through hectic days, especially those first few weeks, I really appreciated how easily I could lull my baby boy to sleep while nursing him. This has continued to help me all these months later. I have gotten him to sleep using other methods, but still nothing is quite as easy as nursing my boy to sleep. This goes hand in hand with another gift: peace and quiet. 

Babies cry. They must, they have too few means of communicating their needs. However, while I'm nursing Nathan, whether it's 3am or 3pm, I get a short period of silence. A moment to just stop and take a breath. Peace and quiet has been highly underappreciated by me in the past, but no more. 

I have a bit of social anxiety and sometimes parties can get to be overwhelming after a while. Breastfeeding Nathan has given me an excuse to duck away and recollect myself while also feeding the little guy. 

There are of course smaller gifts that breastfeeding has awarded me: Larger breasts (to help camouflage the belly I'm still sporting) is one such small gift. Another, is that I have had fewer dishes to wash (bottles and such) and we have saved money by not buying formula. 

However, the best gift I continually receive from nursing my little boy is the closeness and bonding I feel every day. The little glances and smiles, the comfort and familiarity; everything about it really. I love breastfeeding my son.