Sunday, January 13, 2013

And we are back for 2013

I apologize for there long gap in posting. Everything is great and I have just been quite busy this whole time! Actually, I have been going in so many different directions since I last posted that my blog only seemed to cross my mind at the least opportune times.

Anyhow, here we go! 2013!

Who made resolutions? One of my main resolutions is to get to my goal weight/body shape, and then find a compromise between low-carb and 'regular' eating in order to maintain that weight. Step one is being on keto throughout the monthly of Fanuary and into February. So far we have loved it! I will be posting some new low carb recipes that we have enjoyed.

Otherwise, many of my goals revolve around Nathan - teaching him and building good habits. I cannot believe how big he is! This past few weeks he learned new things constantly!. I want to keep that in motion, of course. My main course of action is to keep him in new and exciting surroundings fairly often. This cold weather hinders that goal a bit, but we make it work and it will only get better once the weather cooperates.

Ever since I started my maternity leave, I have found myself devoting more and more time toward Nathan and my husband Jason. To a fault. In trying to take care of them I have let drop many friendships. Having a child drastically changes your relationships with everyone - and sometimes friends without kids do not understand. Another of my resolutions is to step it up and make the effort to reconnect to people outside of my household that I've missed.

This is just a basic rundown of my goals, but soon to come will be more!

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