Monday, January 14, 2013

Some of My Goals with Nathan

As part of my general list of resolutions, I am trying to build good habits in Nathan now. Easier to build them in the first place as the norm, rather than trying to have him relearn how to do things.

My biggest challenge over the next couple of weeks will be sleep training. I have been nursing him to sleep  for the past 15+ months. It is taking longer and longer to get him to actually fall asleep, and I simply do not have the time or patience for it now. So, we are finally going the route of sleep training. Our current plan is this:

Sleepytime routine - same things in the same order at the same time daily (naps and bedtime). Consistency is key.
Change into PJs (nighttime)
Brush teeth
Quiet/Cuddle time for 5-10 minutes
Crib for storytime (this is usually crying time)
After 10 minutes of crying, 5 minutes of cuddles, then back into the crib.
Repeat as necessary!

I hope that at some point in the next couple of weeks he will actually fall asleep during his crib moments. For now I suppose if I can just get him used to going into the crib awake without screaming, I will be happy.

Other than that, I am really trying to instill in Nathan the habit of cleaning up after himself. Yes, it's a stretch to expect much at this age. It's more about him understanding the words "clean up" and doing so with me when I ask him to. So far it's hit or miss - he'll toss a few items in the toy box but then move on to other things. That's OK - it's something!

Additionally, hygiene is important to us - I'm teaching him to brush his teeth on his own (and then I also do afterward, of course) and to wash his hands. The second one is a challenge, because I am currently in need of a step stool to get him up to the sink. So far I can hold him up and hope he goes for the running water. It's something!

I suppose all of these revolve around building good habits with Nathan now.

What are your goals with your children (if you have any)?

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