Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tantrums and Individuality

Very recently Nathan has started throwing mini tantrums.

Pretty amusing actually, but I know better than to laugh. His initial version consisted of stomping around in an angry circle while flailing his arms a bit. Now it is more or less the same followed by him bending at the waist and putting his face to the ground, ostrich-style. Silly boy!

He is throwing them all over the place too. Every time he doesn't get what he wants (intentionally from us or unintentionally) he's off again. He is quick to scream or cry, and our sleep training has taken a major step backward. I can likely attribute it to his molars coming in (agonizingly slow) as well as his recent immunizations. Just hoping for the best at this point.

We often go on little walks and have Nathan hold our hands. For the past few walks, however, he has decided that the limp baby technique will get him out of having to be attached to us. When it doesn't work in his favor, and he gets picked up instead, he cries out. Sorry little guy, you're not running around freely in the parking lot!

I realize Nathan is getting to the age where he wants more freedom and individuality, and I am trying to give him choices in order to have more control of his own actions. However, regardless of what I do, there seems to be a lot more crying these days.

How did you guys make it through these types of days?

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