Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy busy busy!

We have been all over the place this past few weeks. My husband has been off work for a short time, and we have have been very fortunate to get to spend all this time together as a family! It has really helped Nathan get some new and exciting play time, and since it's the three of us, we're more likely to go out and DO STUFF rather than hang out around the house doing the same old same old.

I have been sacrificing the majority of my free time in favor of studying in order to get my A+ Certification. Once I am certified I will be able to start going to school to get my Bachelor's degree in IT/Software!

It is amazing just how different the mind (mine at least) works when you spend so much time at home with a little one. When I started studying again for the first time in years, I felt like I was in a true fog. Nothing was making any sense. However, it was temporary, and over time I have gotten back into the swing of learning new technical things. Thank goodness! If Jason hadn't been home, I wonder how much longer it would have taken me.

We have been still working with Nathan on sleep training, and we are much further along now. It took some work to get Nathan unused to nursing/rocking to sleep, and I think the true culprits are his first-year molars. Still only 3 of the 4 have fully surfaced, and I can tell it's bothering Nathan quite a bit. Hopefully it's pushing its way through and we can be done with it (until year 2 molars, ughhh).

So, anywho, that's where I have been! We have recently gone off of Keto short-term and are getting into the p90x workout. Oh my goodness! Tough stuff. Our plan is to get through most of the program, go back on low-carb for about a month right before Summer is officially here. Love it!

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