Friday, July 19, 2013

Intermittent Keto

My husband and I have decided to return to our eating habits of ketogenic throughout the week, and whatever on the weekends. We strayed from this when we found ourselves overindulging every single weekend and practically breaking even by Monday with the weight loss. The problem is that we just shoveled food into our mouths and let the carbohydrates take over 2 days each week.

The thing about sugars and carbohydrates (yes, I'm being redundant) is that they make you crave more of the same. Eating 200 calories of chicken would fill you up, while 200 calories of potato chips is just getting started!

So, for the time being (possibly indefinitely) we are back to our low-carb living throughout the weekdays and focusing on keeping our weekends reasonable.

Instead of just eating anything ketogenic and limiting carbs alone, I will be watching my calorie intake as well. That way, instead of losing 2 pounds in a week and regaining that with water weight alone, I might actually make some progress in those five days!

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