Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clean KETO after One Week

Last week, after a long plateau and a few attempts and overcoming it, we decided to go clean with our ketogenic diet. Looking at our daily intake, this was the only flaw we could find - artificial sweeteners. Sure, we might be slightly off in our macros on some days, but the overall trend is good. But those sweeteners - we hadn't realized just how big a part of our diet they had become. Diet soda, gum, low-carb tortillas, low-carb yogurt, basically any substitution for a "regular"(carby) food had a lot of added sweetener.

So we quit the sweeteners for one week as a testing week. And it was great!

I lost an inch around my hips. I felt fantastic. It actually was pretty easy after the first few days.

How has this changed my daily diet? I now actually prefer coffee without sweetener (still can't do black though, blegh). I don't often eat those low-carb tortillas I had come to rely on. I really enjoy sparkling water. And I don't automatically crave something sweet at the end of the day!

So, this is highly recommended. If you're like me, maybe it's not likely that you'll quit sweeteners for life. And that's OK by me - the important thing is making improvements and moving toward a healthier goal. For me, I will be avoiding an overabundance of sweeteners. Either way, I suggest you take a week off of them just to try it out. It is definitely worthwhile.

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