Saturday, November 30, 2013

Review Day: Gift Recommendations!

I was not paid to endorse these products, these words are my own. Affiliate links used.
All of these items come highly recommended by me, and have been used in my household for 6 months or longer. I think they would all serve as great gifts! I've linked to the items individually at Amazon at the bottom of this post.

For babies/toddlers/young children:

Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse 

This was given to me for my baby shower, and I introduced it as a sleep aid early on after Nathan's birth. This helped me set him down for naps and bed time. It has a nice, soft yellow light that glows, and it plays about 5 minutes of lullabies before fading into darkness and silence. It is easy for the little ones to turn on (just a squeeze of its tummy). This plays for long enough that a baby will calm down, but not so long that a baby gets used to sleeping with music playing.

Even now, at two years old, he loves to relax and stare at the seahorse while falling asleep. This is adorable, affordable (less than $20), and a fantastic help!

Mega Bloks

These I'm sure need no introduction, they're pretty well-received. Lego for young children! We received this for Nathan's first birthday, and still use them weekly (or more often). It's a great way to build creativity, and adults have fun playing too! They can help your little one learn colors as well.

Little People Wheelies

These little cars are durable and colorful and very cute. There are many different versions as well! They are inexpensive, fun for any little one, and an all-around great go-to gift.

For adults:

Black Footed Square Scent Pod Warmer

This is a wax pod melter that fills the air with lovely scents! We have had this for over two years, and still use it frequently. Looking at their web site (, there are hundreds of scents. It is super fun to look through them and choose a new one! The downside is trying to find some one to sell some of the more obscure scents (otherwise this is basically a PartyLyte or whatever selling company). There are a few pods listed on Amazon and I'm sure eBay though!


This stuff is fantastic for leftover or bringing food somewhere else! This type is plastic, nice and lightweight, and comes in so many different sizes that it can fit any need. There is even a giant square(ish) one that is big enough for half a gallon of something! Not only is it practical, but if you have an older baby or a toddler, this is also super fun for them to play around with. Bonus!


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