Thursday, December 26, 2013


As the new year steadily approaches, I find myself trying to come up with the "best" resolutions in order to make the most out of 2014. In reality, each day should be a day for me to improve myself in some way or other. As human beings, we have the potential to continue to be better and better.

If you aren't trying to improve, then what are you doing? Is there really nothing you could do better at?

To make the most out of your new years' resolutions, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

Too generic - any goal you set should be specific. I think this is the most important part of your goal. "Lose weight" is far too generic. How much weight? By when? How will you accomplish this? One of my resolutions is to lose 3 inches around my hips this year, and I have planned out a dietary and exercise plan.

Unobtainable - Can you actually achieve what you set out to? It should be a challenge, but one that is in the realm of possibility.

Too easy - the other end of the spectrum is that your "resolutions" are ridiculously easy. They should be doable, but with a good amount of effort.

In any case, say you want to improve yourself, but not necessarily set resolutions. That doesn't mean you will remain stagnant. Often, the biggest overall improvements start with little changes. Small steps that add up over time. If that's more your style, I highly recommend it.

Resolution: Lose Weight/Get Healthy
Small changes to reach this goal: 

  • Eat the healthier parts of your meal first (fill up on the good stuff).
  • Eat more green, nutrient-dense vegetables. 
  • Drink 8 cups of water in a day. 
  • Replace soda with water. 
  • Go for a walk 3 times a week (to start).

Resolution: Fix up the House
Small changes to reach this goal:

  • Replace the sink gasket.
  • Fix the toilet seat cover.
  • Paint the living room.
  • Organize the kitchen cabinets.
  • Install shelves in storage closet.

Honestly, it all depends on what you are currently doing. Just do a little bit better each week and it will really compound into HUGE results over time!

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