Friday, May 15, 2015

Low Carb or Keto While Breastfeeding

   Since my second baby was born in February, I have been eager to get back into my low carb lifestyle. However, as studies of breastfeeding women are unethical (thus no studies have been done on breastfeeding while in ketosis), I have been hesitant to jump right back to fewer than 20 carbs per day while my daughter is so young.  I have been limiting my carbs to 100g per day at most. From my recently carb-heavy diet to ~75-100 per day, I saw absolutely no drop in my supply. But. Keep in mind that I did not watch my calorie intake in the slightest.

   The two most important things for maintaining your breast milk supply are sufficient calories and water intake.  I plan to keep myself in the range between 50-100g carbs per day for now, easing my intake of the sugars and starches gradually down. From others' experiences, they only went through a 1-2 day temporary drop in supply, and they supplemented with their freezer stash. If you do this, be sure to pump for an extra "feeding" in order to prompt your breasts to continue to produce more milk and increase your supply.

   If you choose to do this, I would also recommend you make the change just before a day or two off in order to offer lots of time for baby to breastfeed and ramp that supply back up. Once my baby reaches about 4 months I will feel more comfortable dropping below 30 carbs/day! If you haven't checked it out yet, here are my previous posts from being in ketosis while breastfeeding my older baby a few years ago:

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I apologize for the quick entry! I plan to contribute more again shortly.

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