Sunday, June 14, 2015

KETO: 4 Delicious Low Carb Dinners

Today's post is more or less a recipe dump. Here are my favorite recipes from the past month!

Caveman Keto Chili
I generally get sick of chili fairly quickly, as in, after one bowl. That was not the case with this recipe! Very easy and delicious slow cooker meal.

Pork Carnitas
I am all about the crock pot, and this recipe delivers! Slow cook the pork with flavors, then a quick pan fry to crisp it up a bit - amazing! Serve in low-carb tortillas or inside romaine lettuce boats.

Buffalo chicken jalapeƱo popper casserole
My mom found this recipe for one of our get-togethers and it is SUPER tasty. Just a little bit of heat, lots of cream cheese and chicken, this recipe has it all.

Lasagne Stuffed Peppers
These were incredibly easy and so cheesy and delicious. Highly recommended.

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