Sunday, June 14, 2015

KETO: 5 Amazing Low Carb Desserts

Ever since we discovered our local Fred Meyer sold Erythritol, we have been using it as our only artificial sweetener. It tastes great! Hardly distinguishable from actual sugar.

Sugar-free almond paste or marzipan
My husband and I have one major, sugary weakness; marzipan. The almondy flavor and sweetness is just amazing. This recipe is all of those things AND NO SUGAR. Instead of the sweetener this recipe calls for, I used 2TBS powdered Erythritol.

Cheesecake with a brownie crust
This cheesecake was fantastic. I loved the chocolate crust. It was even better topped with whipped cream and keto caramel sauce (recipe further down).

Keto Chocolate Mousse
Much like the cheesecake, this is super tasty, and we loved it even more with that keto caramel sauce!

Keto Caramel
This stuff is amazing. Use it warm as a caramel topping, mix it into your coffee, freeze it into caramels.

White chocolate butter pecan fat bombs
So tasty, easy to make. I thought the original recipe was a little heavy on the coconut taste, so I used more butter and less coconut oil.

Keto Orange Creamsicles
We spotted some Orange flavored Mio at the store the other day and grabbed some, thinking we would mix it into a little bit of heavy cream as a quick fat bomb as needed when it hit me: Whip that heavy cream up into creamsicle whip cream! As tasty as that was (and believe me, it was tasty) I knew it just wasn't quite the same. So I froze it up into popsicle molds. Took me back to when I used to get orange creamsicles when I was a young kid. I couldn't say exactly how much mio I squirted into it, but it couldn't have been more than half a teaspoon for 4oz heavy cream. Easy to experiment and try it out as you go along!

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