Sunday, February 26, 2017

KETO: Low Carb Dinner Ideas

Crack Slaw

Image Credit: Tasteaholics
     This recipe has been repeated many times over in our house. I typically don't add the sriracha until after serving up the kids, then let loose! Keep an eye out for too much sriracha - there are a couple carbs in there.

Fathead Pizza Rolls

Image Credit: Ketogasm

     This recipe was certainly tasty - but a little bit labor-intensive for the end results. I liked this for the fun aspect, but it ends up having fewer toppings and more of the crusty part, and I'm a person who loves a lot of toppings on my pizza!
     One recommendation I have for any of the fathead dough recipes, or any recipe when you shred cheese - don't measure by volume but rather by weight. Get an inexpensive food scale, there are many to choose from. Before I was weighing my ingredients, I somehow always ended up with too much cheese in my fathead dough! It makes these a lot more greasy and heavy, and not very dough-like.

Ginger Tzatziki Chicken Wraps
Image Credit:
      I saw this recipe floating around on Facebook and knew I needed to try it. I'm so glad I did! Just look - the vibrant green of the lettuce and cucumbers, and the marinaded chicken altogether look very appetizing. And they work so well together - even for people who aren't on a low carb diet. Great crowd-pleaser recipe, in my opinion.

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